“Yoga is the science of meditation.”

Traditional tantra yoga is meditation in movement.

Based on Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system, it balances your energy flow, harmonising body and mind.

This unique type of yoga is suitable for everyone, regardless of your level, flexibility, age or body type.
It is highly modulable in terms of speed and intensity.

The purpose is to relax and not to push during Asanas (postures), allowing the body to align naturally and to meditate while flowing.
There is no competition, no external measurement in yoga.

You don’t need to be able to sit in lotus or do crazy headstands to start!
Will your grandma be more proud of you knowing you can touch your toes?

Let go of the idea of performance or of the perfect Asana. Just do you.
You’ll be surprised how your body can express without ever pushing and by really relaxing!
Soon, you’ll be able to extend this philosophy to your daily life.

“You are beautiful, whole and complete.”

Build strength and confidence and get rid of body negativity.

Practising is an act of love for yourself. Enjoy every movement, express yourself in every Asana.
Be joyful, like a dog rolling in the mud!

Many associates the word Tantra with sexuality, but traditional Tantra Yoga is much more than that. My yoga teaching is not about sexuality.


Tri-Doas āsanas

The Tri-Doṣas āsanas yoga series is a meditative flow that includes body and mind.

It harmonises and balances the whole prana ( vital energy) system.
It is a complete relaxation, leading to an incomparable state of well being.
The whole person and the organism are taken into account and the benefits are felt from the very first class.

The entire practice is done lying on the floor, using barely any props.
You are guided with your eyes closed through the āsanas, entering a deep meditative state while flowing. Keeping your eyes shut helps you tune in with yourself and drop any idea of competition.

After practising for a short time, you will learn how to let go of everything to simply be with your true self.

Yoga is not about quantity but only quality. Throughout the class, you’ll be reminded to never force your body into a position.
If you feel any kind of discomfort, you are welcome to lay down and rest.

Just relax and follow your intuitive body sensation.


To put it simply, in Ayurveda, we all have 3 vital energies called doṣa (pronounced dosha).
There name is Vāta, Pitta, and Kāpha.

The doṣa are responsible for all the psychological and physiological processes of our body and mind. They are not separate energies but different aspects of the same energy.

They constantly change and are in permanent balance. When an imbalance occurs, it might cause physical and psychological troubles.

The balance of the doṣa is unique for each of us.
Every doṣa is expressed in us but there is always a predominance of two doṣa.

The Tri-Doṣas āsanas yoga session, just like the massage, is designed to bring balance to the doṣas, and thus eliminate the doṣas imbalances.

Standing series, Upasana series

A collection of different strengthening series cultivating bone density, alignment, coordination, balance and flexibility.

Some of these series may be more dynamic, closer to the idea of a “modern workout”.

All of them are conducted in total mindfulness, without pushing, allowing the mind to enter a meditative state.

Done in a relaxed way, they allow you to develop a rested and healthy posture, supporting your āsana practice but also your daily life.

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