Ayurvedic walking massage

What is the traditional Ayurvedic walking massage?

The traditional Ayurvedic walking massage is a healing massage based on the principles of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine system.

It warms up the body before yoga āsana practice, bring the energy back to balance and make the prana (vital energy) flow. It also removes fears and stress from the body.
This massage helps the lymphatic system eliminate toxins, maintains the quality of muscular fibres and can relieve many forms of pain and discomfort.

The massage is given by precisely stepping on specific key pressure points located along the nadis.
In Ayurveda, the body is flown by over 72000 nadis (energy channels), also called meridians in Chinese medicine.
Nadi in Sanskrit means river. Nadis are seen as rivers of energy flowing through the body.

In modern society, we tend to neglect our bodies, waiting for sickness to come to then “fix” it.
In traditional systems, the emphasis is on maintaining good health, treating well the body every day to keep the general health constant. It’s a culture of life.
The Ayurvedic walking massage can help you cultivate this state, balancing your entire system.

This massage is a quality moment in your day, helping you relax deeply.
Surprising at first, you’ll be wishing you had heard of it sooner!

How Does An Ayurvedic Walking Massage Work?

It’s a full body massage performed on a mat on the floor.
The massage is fully dressed.

The practitioner uses his/her feet to apply controlled pressure to precise points of the body, holding a chair/a ramp on the side for support.

The pressure is highly modulable making this massage a good fit for anyone.


If you are interested in learning how to give an Ayurvedic walking massage, I offer a 2h30 dedicated workshop (minimum 2 people).

It is an easy practice and already after a few times, you will be able to use the massage in your everyday life. Practising regularly helps to develop your feet sensitivity and be more aware of the body’s issues.

During the workshop, I will first demonstrate how the massage is given, explaining in details what I am doing.
I will then guide you while you practice the technic in pairs.
We will finish the workshop with a Q&A session.

Contact me for any further question, to book a session or know more about the rates.


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