.I can teach energy balancing yoga to :

  • studios
  • groups
  • private class
  • companies
  • retreats
  • workshops

I offer private Ayurvedic walking massage and can teach the technic to groups.

Current location: Kerala, India.
Next location:
Koh Phangan, Thailand (from mid-January 2020)

Contact me to learn more about my rates and to book an appointment.

I speak fluent French, English and Spanish.


Yoga for groups or private classes

1h / 1h30 / 2h : Yoga Asanas

[May include Tridosha series, standing series, supportive/strengthening practices
Sun salutation and forward bending/hip opening practices available on request for advanced practitioners only.]

1h : Pranāyama (breathwork) and bandhas (locks)


45min Traditional Ayurvedic walking massage

2h30 Traditional Ayurvedic walking massage workshop (minimum 2 people)


Massage 30min + Yoga 1h/1h30/2h

Strengthening practice + Tridosha series + Pranāyama and bandhas 2h30


I am not a doctor. Please seek medical advice if you have any concerns regarding your condition.

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